An Unreached People Group

2.5 Million Residents ● 90,000 Protestants ● Only 3.9%

Do you want to reach Mormons for Christ? Pray about going on a mission trip to the heart of where Mormons live…Utah! Join approximately 3,000 students over the last 19 years that have gone on a mission trip to Utah with Utah Partnerships for Christ! Your trip will provide you the opportunity to reach a culture that believes they can become a god, that you can have multiple wives in heaven, and that that Jesus and Satan are brothers.

Your trip will put you in places where you can share grace and truth in small group discussions over dinners, sporting events, hikes, and places like Temple Square in Salt Lake City. You will also serve the local church by inviting people to Sunday services, reaching out to high school and college students near their campuses and of course do some snow tubing in the mountains nearby.

God will show Himself to you in amazing ways as you serve Him as His ambassador to reach this place of 3 million people where only 2% are Christian. Come plant seeds of the Gospel and watch how God may transform a life through you!

Will you come share the good news with the LDS faithful?