Utah is a forgotten mission field, with less than 4% of the population claiming to be Protestant or Evangelical Protestant. Some counties have less than .5% who claim to be evangelical. ​

Have you ever wanted to go on a foreign mission trip in the United States? Utah Partnerships For Christ (UPFC) can provide that opportunity for you. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints claims to be the truest religion on the earth, having a restored gospel through a modern day prophet. ​

The LDS Church uses similar terms as Christians like “gospel,” “salvation,” “grace,” and even “Jesus Christ,” but these terms mean very different things according to LDS doctrine. These produces an extremely difficult environment for discussion and evangelism.​

Imagine a place where 69% of the population claimed to believe in the God of the bible, but also believed He was once a man, living on an “earth” somewhere in eternity past. ​

Imagine a religion that taught the eternal purpose of God was to bring about the exaltation of man. ​

This is LDS doctrine. This, is why Utah is the forgotten missionfield.