Utah Partnerships for Christ has had the unique opportunity to deliver the true gospel into thousands of homes, cars and businesses in the state of Utah. Due to the fact that Mormon Church members are discouraged from interacting with Christian believers in regards to their faith, the radio has been a wonderful tool to speak the truth to those who desire to seek the true God in the peace of their own home or car. We know that AM820 has delivered Mormons from the bondage they are in. Testimonies like this are common…



I drove past a sign that asked, ‘want to know the truth? 820AM’. I switched my radio over and began to listen to pastors preach sermons.  After a few days I dusted off my Bible and began to search out the truth that the pastors kept referring to. Thanks to your station, not only did I accept Christ as my savior, my wife did shortly after, and eventually our 14 year old son. We have left the LDS faith and now follow the one true God! –Ross Callahan

Your support to UPFC allows us to maintain a radio presence on the Truth Network and keeps AM820 on the air in Utah. Please consider partnering with UPFC so the true gospel can be successfully delivered to the unreached people of Utah. Radio AM820 relies on people like you who understand the importance of ministries like this.