UPFC_EasingSlider05Our Mission

Seeing only 2-3% of Utah’s population claim to affiliate with Evangelical Christianity, our purpose since we started in 2000 is to coordinate and train groups of high school and college students who want to participate in a short-term mission trip to Utah. The reason for a 6-7 day trip to Utah is because it gives Christians a taste of what it is like to live in Utah. A “sample” or a small spoonful of ice cream to “try it out” if you will.

Ultimately, we need more Christians in Utah. Short-term mission trips to Utah have allowed us to introduce Utah to over 1,500 students since 2000. When a Youth Pastor or College Group leader from a church brings his team to Utah he is able to spend a considerable amount of time with those God has entrusted him with in ministry back home. It is a time to bond, to grow in one’s relationship with God and each other. We trust that our mission trip ministry will open a door for students to spend more time here on an internship assisting other mission trips and following up with contacts made in the past.

Going forward, UPFC has seen how being Holy Spirit driven to places where Mormons congregate, amazing things happen. God opens doors. We do what was done in the book of Acts, we go to the “synagogue” we go to where the people are. We invite them to dinner at our facility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to seek out churches, Christian schools, and college groups that want to be better equipped in being able to reach their friends who have accepted the following statement from LDS scripture which reads:

Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Seer of the Lord, has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world, than any other man that ever lived in it.

–Doctrine and Covenants 135:3

Was that the first time you have ever heard of what Mormon scripture sounds like? A little shocking isn’t it? Well, our vision is to help Mormons understand the ramifications of statements like the one above, and to help Christians see how Mormon teachings are so far removed from Biblical Christianity. We teach young people to speak the truth in love to Mormons and to have a part in experiencing a number of supportive roles to existing Christian ministries in Utah. We tailor a mission trip for each individual group.

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