Ross Callahan

I drove past a sign that asked, ‘want to know the truth? 820AM’. I switched my radio over and began to listen to pastors preach sermons. After a few days I dusted off my bible and began to search out the truth that he pastors kept referring to. Thanks to your station, not only did I accept Christ as my savior, my wife did shortly after, and eventually our 14 year old son. We have left the LDS faith and now follow the one true God!

Casey Dague, Shellsburg, Iowa.

I spent a week in Ogden, Utah with UPFC doing a mission trip through my local church in Shellsburg, Iowa… I found this to be a very rewarding opportunity!

Garrett and Wendi

We would never have expected how much this trip would have changed us. First we learned so much about Mormonism that we never knew. By the time we left, we felt we knew everything about their culture, beliefs and religion. We actually now pray that Mormons will come knocking on our doors because we feel we are better equipped to share with them. We saw all our kids grow so much in the Lord because of this trip. They each had plenty of opportunities to witness to Mormons. It was the first time many of them were able to evangelize like that. Utah was great for those more “timid” believers. They didn’t even have to initiate conversations because the Mormons would come up to us and try to convert us! It opened up all kinds of opportunities for the Holy Spirit to move. All of our kids learned so much and each of them want to go back to Utah.

Jeff S.

We are excited to inform you that many of our students have returned home with an entirely new outlook on evangelism and missions. About a week after the trip, Brittany spent 2 hours hours witnessing to a couple of Mormon friends at her school. And these testimonies are just the tip of the iceberg.

Jason U.

But more than just knowing how to “combat” Mormonism, your ministry gave me and those on my team a compassion for the lost that we never had before. Since our Utah trip last spring I have had the opportunity to share the gospel with about a dozen Mormons! This summer has been fantastic in that they now know what the true gospel is…it’s sort of a wake up call to us Christians that we need to be purposeful in fulfilling the Great Commission and that doesn’t have to only take place on some foreign mission field. I really hope God continues to bless your ministry Russ, because it has impacted more lives than either you or I can imagine- it seems that the truth always has a way of impacting hearts unlike anything we can anticipate. God is so good!

Dan S

Another great highlight of this past year in our high school ministry was our mission trip to Utah. In July, 22 high school students along with five college students, traveled to Utah to communicate the life changing message of the Gospel to lost people there. The students did evangelism in Temple Square in Salt Lake City. They initiated conversations about Jesus Christ to college students they met on the campuses of Brigham Young University and Weber State. They did projects at a Christian school in Ogden. We rejoice that our students returned home from their Utah adventure with a new passion for the true Gospel and proclaiming it to others

Heather E

That week changed my life forever: it was my first mission trip, and I knew it wouldn’t be my last. The next two years of college I co-lead groups that joined UPFC in their sincere passion to love and serve those caught in Mormonism. By the time I graduated I was considering moving out there for a while to serve full time in their campus ministry. Upon graduation I committed my life to taking the Gospel anywhere God wanted me to, and to my shock, he brought me to Bratislava, Slovakia. My heart has never lost the longing to serve in Utah, but now I’ve been serving in an international youth ministry for nearly three years which I started with much of training and experience my time with UPFC gave me.

Jason S

None of our students had ever been on a short-term missions trip. Apologetics and evangelism is something that most of our students felt pretty apathetic about until we began to train for this trip. Russ came out to do a Saturday training seminar and helped our team to prepare for the incredible task that awaited them. Russ and others from UPFC helped to encourage us in wonderful ways. Russ put together a fantastic itinerary where we were able to stretch ourselves as we witnessed to Mormons about the Gospel and its power to save. The trip was well balanced. It served as a major time of spiritual growth for all of our students. I would recommend the ministry of UPFC to anyone with a desire to boldly share the Gospel, genuinely love unbelievers, and be stretched in ways that only God can do.

Matt Sheffer, Melbourne, Australia/h4>


I came to Utah from Meblourne, Australia, in 2006 and 2007. Both trips were incredible! Working with UPFC was encouraging, exciting, and in many ways hear-breaking; after seeing first-hand how many people in Utah are deceived by Mormonism… this was an experience I’ll never forget.

Matt S

I was nervous about coming all the way over from Melbourne, not knowing really what to expect when I got to Utah. But Russ calmed my fears, he took care of me, he trained me and was a servant leader.