Why Utah?

mormon churchUtah is a forgotten mission field… Utah has the lowest percentage of people who claim to be Protestant in the United States– only 3.9% . Many Utah counties have less than 0.5% who claim to be evangelical.

A short term mission trip to Utah is like going to a foreign country within the United States. Utah’s landscape is dominated by huge numbers of Mormon churches and 17 LDS Temples. Every Junior High and High School has it’s own Seminary to train young people on the tenets of Mormonism and the Universities have Institutes of Religion adjacent to college campuses to provide around the clock training in Mormon teachings and to provide a social network for the community.

After experiencing one of our short-term missions trip,  students go home with a greater desire to implement the ministry activities done in Utah in their own backyard. With the training and supervision that teams receive, students demonstrate growth in their ability to articulate the Gospel and to appreciate the basics of their relationship with Christ. Feel free to browse our website and see how others have been blessed by God’s grace after having been on a mission trip to Utah.

Short-Term Missions Trips

There is a critical need to deliver the true gospel here in Utah. Utah Partnerships for Christ (UPFC) strongly believes that short-term missions is a great way to not only serve this unreached region, but inspires Christians to move here long-term and make a commitment to serve the local community with the gospel.


We would be honored to talk with you about an affordable, intense opportunity that will help your young people understand more of what they believe, understand why they believe it, and how to communicate it more effectively to others.

What to expect on your trip:

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  • Efficient leadership that maximizes your ministry time.
  • Fun, adventurous, and uplifting experiences with evangelism and outdoor activities
  • Hospitable environment to enjoy your stay
  • Evangelism training
  • Prayer walks
  • Visit a local Christian Church and experience worship in Utah.
  • Visiting Mormon churches and inviting them to spiritual discussions afterwards
  • Enjoy meaningful and gospel-centered conversations over meals with LDS.
  • Interact with Mormons in Temple Square
  • Work or service projects
  • Have life changing discussions with Mormon college and high school students and faculty
  • Enjoy playing in the snow, rafting, hiking, swimming or resting. [/unordered_list]