The Church of Jesus Chrprayer with dorisist of Latter-Day Saints claims to be one of the fastest growing religions in the world today. They have over 15 million members worldwide, 6 million in the United States and nearly 2 million in Utah. The LDS church has over 4,700 church houses in Utah and 17 temples.

How can you Help?​

  • First and foremost, pray for us​
    • The spiritual warfare in Utah is stifling and exhausting. We appreciate you remembering us in your prayers​
  • Short Term Mission trips​
    • Come to Utah! We need the body of Christ to come and preach the Good News (Romans 10: 14-17)​
    • What to experience: Leadership and administrative support, hospitality to enjoy your stay, evangelism training, prayer walks, visiting Mormon churches and temples, work or service projects, engaging in conversations with Mormons in a variety of locations, college ministry outreach, attend a Mormon ward for church​

If you cannot send a mission team, we always appreciate financial support and are a 501c(3) organization