Annual Fundraising Event

Join us Friday October 14th 2016 as Dr. Erwin Lutzer from The Moody Church and host of Running to Win on AM 820 will be speaking. Lunch at noon at Calvary Chapel Salt Lake for Pastors and Ministry Leaders. $5.00 Dessert at 6pm at Calvary Chapel Salt Lake open to the public $5.00 Click the button to the right to pay for your lunch and/or dessert. Use the drop down menu to select lunch or desert with Dr. Lutzer. We will email you your ticket. Please pray for this fundraising event that we would grow in our walk with God!”

An Unreached People Group

2.5 Million Residents ● 90,000 Protestants ● Only 3.9%

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Mission Trips to Utah

As God works things, our time in Ogden with you was invaluable, for a number of reasons. One of the biggest was that our son learned a lot about the Mormon faith while we were with you and was able to hold his ground during his time at the University of Utah. He attended CRU and church weekly, as well as a bible study. At the “blue house”, he also formed relationships with the group from Arkansas. That was totally a God thing! Z was very lonely in Salt Lake and after his freshman year, started looking at other colleges that are closer to Houston. He ended up at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, just 30 minutes away from the church in Elkins, Arkansas, that he had met during our time in Ogden. They welcomed him with open arms and gave him a place to see friendly faces, while getting used to a new college town. That relationship would not have been possible without Utah Partnership for Christ. So, thank you for all you are doing. You made a huge impact in my son’s life and I really appreciate it. It was definitely God’s timing that we would end up in the “blue house” at the same time as the Baptist Church from Elkins. Z is very happy in Arkansas and is just completing his sophomore year.

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