Join Us for our Vision Banquet

Friday November 9th, 2018
Calvary Chapel Salt Lake
460 West Century Dr.
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84123

Be encouraged by the testimony of a former BYU Professor and author of Unveiling Grace. Hear the story of how the grace and truth of Christ transformed the lives of Lynn Wilder and her son Matt.

Join us for an evening of encouragement and some great desserts on Friday November 9th, 2018!

You will also have the opportunity to contribute to the ministry of Utah Partnerships for Christ and hear how the Lord is moving through mission work and Christian radio through AM 820 and 95.3FM.

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An Unreached People Group

2.5 Million Residents ● 90,000 Protestants ● Only 3.9%

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Mission Trips to Utah

Attention! Christian college students interested in Overseas Missions or Domestic missions using radio and social media to carry out the Great Commission.

We feel that the Lord has graciously allowed us to direct our emphasis on college students interested in:

  • Reaching Mormons in general for Christ
  • Overseas missions with a desire to serve with ministries like Trans World Radio or HCJB
  • Domestic missions using radio and social media to carry out the Great Commission
  • Experiencing an intensive crash course of practical, hands on instruction working alongside The Truth Radio Network in Salt Lake City, Utah. (

Below is a Mission Trip itinerary that we at Utah Partnerships for Christ ( has created in order to take our 16 years of missions experience and 8 years of radio ministry and intertwine the two.

Day One- Training as to how to reach Mormons for Christ in the morning…then in the afternoon sharing the Gospel with Mormons at Temple Square (Mormonism’s Mecca) and with other Mormons who listen to the station. Spending 6 hours at Temple Square will help the students understand Utah’s culture and the unique challenges that a radio ministry has in a state like Utah. We would also interact with Christians who have grown in their walk with the Lord through the teaching ministry of AM 820 and 95.3 FM. Russ would share how radio reaches people for Christ in both evangelism and discipleship.

Day Two- Meeting with Christian Pastors and Ministry Leaders and Christian business owners who are interested in being on the radio.

Day Three- Visiting the transmitter and getting a sense of the complex technical side of what it takes for a radio ministry to thrive. Also, preparing proposals and paperwork when communicating with the Production Department when a broadcast agreement has been approved by a new client.

Day Four- Writing and producing radio messages for broadcast and sending them to the respective ministry partners for their approval. Creating the paperwork in order for this to take place. We would tie in how to coordinate other forms of social media into our effort to bless our ministry partners.

Day Five- The team would be present at two or more events where the station could be promoted. Connecting with potential and current listeners.Seeking their prayer support, financial support, and even trying to develop a team of volunteers to help the station on an ongoing basis. We would also spend 3-4 hours doing some sightseeing and spending some time with Dave Bartosiewicz who has a You Tube Ministry called “Have you Experienced Jesus?” We will learn how his interviews with Mormons has been used to reach many for the sake of the Gospel.

Day Six- Debrief in the morning and travel home.

Mission teams would stay in churches where UPFC has formed relationships in the past. The cost for this experience would be $450.00 per person and would include 3 meals a day, training materials, lodging, supervision, and logistics.

As God works things, our time in Ogden with you was invaluable, for a number of reasons. One of the biggest was that our son learned a lot about the Mormon faith while we were with you and was able to hold his ground during his time at the University of Utah. He attended CRU and church weekly, as well as a bible study. At the “blue house”, he also formed relationships with the group from Arkansas. That was totally a God thing! Z was very lonely in Salt Lake and after his freshman year, started looking at other colleges that are closer to Houston. He ended up at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, just 30 minutes away from the church in Elkins, Arkansas, that he had met during our time in Ogden. They welcomed him with open arms and gave him a place to see friendly faces, while getting used to a new college town. That relationship would not have been possible without Utah Partnership for Christ. So, thank you for all you are doing. You made a huge impact in my son’s life and I really appreciate it. It was definitely God’s timing that we would end up in the “blue house” at the same time as the Baptist Church from Elkins. Z is very happy in Arkansas and is just completing his sophomore year.

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